From the driveway of Hotel  Inter-
continental, turn right and head for
Ayala Avenue, which is just around the corner.


 Turn right into Ayala Avenue, and stay on the rightmost lane. Keep going straight, until you reach the Ayala-EDSA  intersection.
Turn right on EDSA. As soon finish executing the turn, drift to the leftmost lane and stay on it. This will take you through the EDSA-Arnaiz Underpass/Tunnel.
Once you've gone through the tunnel, continue driving straight and make sure to stay on the left side of the road as you approach the Magallanes Interchange Warning: DO NOT take the right lane.
Warning: DO NOT take the right lane!
Go up and across the interchange and just keeping going straight. Stay in the middle lane and ignore any exit ramps that you see.
Eventually, you will reach the EDSA-Taft Avenue inter-section, where you will pass under an levated rail-road (MRT). Keep on going straight, until you cross  Roxas (formerly Dewey) Boulevard. 
Continue on, until you reach the intersection of EDSA and Macapagal Avenue. (There's a traffic light there so you can't miss it.
Turn right on Macapagal Avenue and drive on until you reach a fork in the road (in front of the Philippine World Trade Center).
Do not turn right. Go  past the small curve, and continue in the same general direction.until you reach the  intersection of Vito Cruz and Vicente Sotto streets.
Follow the street and turn left on Vicente Sotto St. The large building to your left is the Folk Arts Center.
Turn right here and go
inside a parking lot just
beside the Folk Arts Center.
(From Makati City)