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Your ticket to an unforgettable Corregidor Island experience

Now is the time to take that much-needed break! Book yourself now at the charming Corregidor Inn and immerse yourself in the stress-free tropical ambience and colorful history of this unique island. It's an experience that you'll never forget. One of the best (if not the best) short tours in the country.

Map showing Manila to Corregidor route
Bay Cruiser I and Sun Cruiser 2 docked at South Dock
View of Coregidor Inn from North Dock

A fast catamaran ferry boat can bring you from Manila to Corregidor in only 80 minutes. Both upper and lower decks are air-conditioned, and equipped with comfortable, airline-type seats. There's also another single-level, mono-hull fast seacraft ready to be called into action on days when there are a lot of tourists.

Package inclusions:

* Round-trip ferry boat transfers
( Manila-Corregidor-Manila)

* Guided Island tour by tranvia bus

*Shrine & Terminal Fees

* Other non-rented recreational activity 
*Optional: Malinta Tunnel

Light & Sound Show
(not part of package)

: This tour package may change
from time to time. For updated info,
please contact Sun Cruises directly.

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The Corregidor Island Day Tour is highly recommended for tourists and visitors who have an extra day on their hands, but don't want to wander off too far from Manila.

Tickets can be purchased on-line, or at the Sun Cruises ticketing office at the PTA Bay Cruise Terminal. Located at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) complex along Roxas Boulevard, this office is easily accessible from Manila, Makati, Pasay, and other peripheral municipalities. To make sure that you get seats, we suggest that you book yourself a few days before the actual tour date. It is relatively easier to get seats during weekdays, but tourist traffic is normally heavy on weekends. Peak season is from February to May. If you are from Makati, click here to see a location map of the ticket office, otherwise, click here.

What to expect:

Getting to the Sun Cruises Terminal (beside the Folk Arts Theater)

All tourists/passengers are adivsed to be at the PTA Bay Cruise Terminal at least an hour before departure. Since the ferry boat leaves at 8 AM, it would be good if you could be at terminal no later than 7 AM. (Note: Boarding time is at 7:30 AM.). There's an air-conditioned lounge where tourists you can relax while waiting for departure. Just make sure you bring some crackers or snacks with you, as the food items being sold in the terminal are a a bit on the high side, and there are no other stores nearby. [for more info, see scrolling text box below]

The ferry boat: Bay Cruiser II

A fast and well-maintained twin-hulled and double-decked catamaran seacraft with a passenger capacity of 290. Radar-equipped, fully air-conditioned,with airline-type seats. With complete safety/rescue equipment. Captain and crew are competent and well-trained. A Manila-to-Corregidor run normally takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes)

Corregidor Inn:

A quaint and charming facility with 25 rooms (the Corregidor Inn can accommodate up to 90 people). rooms are air-conditioned and cozy. It's not exactly a five-star hotel, but it certainly makes up for this in terms of character and island ambience. Lunch for Day Tourists is normally served in the Main Dining room. There's also a small gift shop where you can buy souvenirs and other knickknacks.

Tranvia Bus:

The principal mode of transportation for tourists on Corregidor Island is the tranvia bus, patterned after pre-World War II trams which were used in Corregidor and Manila. These vehicles have open sides and protectuve armrests. Maximum seating capacity is thirty-five (35) passengers.


0730   Board Sun Cruiser (Ferry Boat)
0800   Leave Manila
0915   Arrive in Corregidor
0930   Special Island Bus Tour (Tranvia)  
1115   Malinta Light & Sound Show
            (optional - not included in package)
1200   Lunch at Hotel/Resort
1300   Continuation of tour
1400   Board Ferry
1430   Depart for Manila
1550   Arrive at Manila Ferry Terminal


Day 1

0730   Board Sun Cruiser (Ferry Boat)
0800   Leave Manila
0930   Arrive in Corregidor
0940   Guided Island Bus Tour (Tranvia)
1200   Lunch at Hotel/Resort
1300   Continuation of tour
1430   Back to Hotel; Check-in; free time
1730   Optional Sunset Viewing
1800   Optional Lateral Visit (Malinta Tunnel)
2000   Dinner

Day 2

0530   Optional Sunrise Viewing
0700   Breakfast at Corregidor Inn
0800   Optional Malinta Hill hike
0930   Back to Inn / Freshen up
1000   Free time/Picture-taking
1200   Lunch
1330   Pack-up and check-out for trip home
1430   Boarding/Departure

Points of interest, Corregidor Day Tour


1. Learn a bit about the island a few days before your trip

Corregidor is a rich tapestry of scenic delights, history, and adventure. It is a good idea for you to surf the web before your trip, and familiarize yourself with some basic information regarding the island. This will give you a chance to discuss tour features and details with your travel companion(s), and ask the booking office questions pertinent to your trip wlhich may arise during that discussion.

2. Prepare your stuff a few days in advance

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you cannot imagine how many people fail to prepare for the trip just because it is a day tour or simple overnight stay. Murphy's Law usually kicks in once you're on the island, because that's when you'll remember all the things you should have brought.

3. Travel light.

You will be walking around a lot, and you will be geting on and off the bus many times, so it would be a lot better for you to bring only what you'll be needing for the actual tour. If you are staying overnight, you can leave your heavier or bulkier items in your hotel room..

4. Do not hesitate to postpone your trip if you are not feeling well

You need to be aware of the fact that the island is at least an eighty-minute boat ride from Manila, and that the medical facilities on the island are limited to first-aid treatment. Therefore, if you have a medical condition, and are not feeling particularly well, it makes sense for you to reschedule your trip. Otherwise, make sure to bring along any medication that may be critical to your well-being. Asthmatics, or those who have heart problems or other serious medical concerns are advised to take special note of this.

5. Be at the ferry terminal at least an hour before departure

Given the quirks of Metro Manila's traffic, you are advised to leave your hotel / house early, so that you can be at the ferry terminal by 7 A.M. Boarding time is at 7:30, so you will need a little extra time to get your tickets and/or boarding pass, and meal tickets. There is normally only one trip to island per day, so go to the terminal early. Don't miss the boat!

6. Pay attention the crew's safety briefing, and the tour guide's instructions

The ferry boat is radar-equipped, well-maintained, and has all the required safety equipment, but it is still important that you listen to the safety briefing. Likewise, pay close attention to what the tour guide's instructions and announcements regarding the tranvia (tour bus) assignments.

7. Once you are on the island, use the "buddy system"

If you have a companion, or if you are traveling as a group, then use the "buddy" system". All you'll need to do is watch each other, and make sure that no one trips, stumbles or falls down stairs or into holes. Some of the sites you will be visiting are ruins of batteries, bunkers and buildings, so you must maintain presence of mind, and a certain level of awareness at all times. If you are traveling alone, make friends with other tourists and try to hang aound or go with them or their group.

8. Put down the armrest when the tranvia is in motion.

The tranvia is designed with open sides and hinged armrests to make it easy for tourists to get on or off. However, this is a disadvantage when the it is in motion. The hinged armrests, when used properly, can keep you from falling out, particularly when the vehicle needs to make a sharp turn. Make doubly sure that you put down your armrest the moment you sit down.

9. Drink water from time to time.

On extremely hot days, you are well-advised to keep yourself hydrated. Take a drink of water each time you start feeling a little thirsty. You need not worry about the availability of comfort rooms. You'll find them in Battery Way, near the East Entrance of the Malinta Tunnel, in the Pacific War Museum, in the Lightgouse area, and of course -- at the Corregidor Inn.

10. Take note of other facilities and locations

This will come in handy if and when you plan your next visit to Corregidor. Keep in mind that there is such a wide range of activities that you can do on the island. The place is also highly ideal for large outings and group excursions that require privacy and safety.

11. Take as many photos as you can

Whether or not atmospheric conditions are optimal during your visit, it pays to take as many photos as you can. Photos are actually make best souvenirs, because what you take are actually moments in time that your "freeze" and keep for posterity. The island is bigger than you think, and one or two days is not enough for your to go around cover the island, so you might as well take the opportunity to fully document what you actually see during the tour. Another thing to consider is that the old structures and ruins are under constant attack by the weather, and other man-made causes. If you look at photos taken about fifteen or twenty years ago, you will see a marked change in some of these structures. Worthy of mention are Cine Corregidore and the Middleside Barracks, whose degradation have become quite the last few years.

12. Get yourself a souvenir item

Souvenir shops in the Philippines are a dime a dozen, but those in Corregidor do have some items that you will find interesting. Of course, you'll find the traditional items like keychains, t-shirts, hats, miniatures of jeepneys, bottle openers, books/pamphlets, bangles and the like. For those who would like to bring home more photos about the island, there's the Corregidor Island Souvenir E-book, a CD-based product that contains 163 colorful photos. If it's out of stock when you go there, you can always buy the downloadable version online.

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