Bathing beach roadside

This small cove used to serve as bathing area in pre-war times. There is a small bunker-cum-bath house on the other side of the road (off-frame, to the left of this picture). The road leads down to the North Dock area, and in the opposite direction, up to the North Entrance of the Malinta Tunnel and the Pres. Manuel L. Quezon Memorial [more below]

Bathing beach cove

A little to the right, and down the shore, we see a sandy portion of the same cove.

Bathing beach roadside, reverse shot

A shot of the same location, down the road, taken a few years after; this time showing some of the bath houses. The steep incline on the left is actually part of Malinta Hill.

bathouses full shot

This is the structure seen in the preceding photo, but viewed from the opposited direction, down the road

bath house full shot

Full shot of one of the bath houses