Battery Way Main

A sunlight-dappled road leads to Battery Way's outer courtyard.

Battery Way Inner Courtyard

A closer shot of the same area shows that these mortars are ensconced in a small, inner courtyard surrounded by bunkers and fortified masonry. The structure on the left is one of the several shell storage rooms of Battery Way. This particular spot is a favorite tourist stopover for taking souvenir photos.

Battery Way Mortars

Protected by a depression in Corregidor's terrain, this fortification was well-hidden from enemy bombs and artillery shells. These 12-inch mortars could fire either 700-pound or 1000-pound shells and had a maximum range of slightly over 8 miles.

Battery Way Rails to shell rooms

Railway lines lead into Battery Way's other shell rooms. These reinforced rooms were equipped with ceiling-mounted monorail-style contraptions to facilitate the transfer of shells to the mortars.

Battery Way Sign