This online E-Book is heartily dedicated to my father, Brig. Gen. Jose B. Ramos, AFP (Ret.) 0-1634,,and my mother, Digna Mercedes Nery Ramos. My father, who was then a 2nd Lieutenant of the Philippine Army Air Corps at the outbreak pf World War II, served in Corregidor from Dec. 25, 1941 as a Regimental Adjutant, and concurrently Assistant for Personnel for the Far East Air Force. When Corregidor fell, he was taken to Capas concentration camp, and released in Aug. 5, 1942, after which he joined the Sorsogon Guerillas. He also worked with the Allied Intelligence Bureau (AIB) in Southern Luzon. After the war, he continued his military service and eventually became head of the Philippine Air Force in the mid-1960s. He retired on Aug.15, 1967.