Cine Corregidor facade

Once part of the island's recreational facilities, this old movie house was only a stone's throw away from the Mile-Long Barracks (part of which can be seen on the extreme left). 

Cine Corregidor ticket counter

A frontal shot of the cinema's ticket booth, Ironically, the last movie shown in this theater was. "Gone with the Wind".  Two historical vehicles used to be stored in the area behind this counter.

Cars of Gen. MacArthur and Pres. Quezon

Here, the staff cars of Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Pres. Manuel L. Quzon are shown  parked next to each other. These two vehicles were previously displayed within the cinema premises, but have since been moved to Manila.  

Cine Corregidor interior

Imbibing the atmosphere in ruins reminiscent of ancient Rome, one hiker takes a theatrical bow on stage while his companions snap souvenir photos.

Cine Corregidor external shot

The bright summer sun shines on tourists as they walk past the old Cinema on their way to the Pacific War Memorial.