Battery Geary Facade

On May 2, 1942, Japanese artillery firing from Bataan scored a bullseye on Battery Geary's central magazine. The ensuing explosion destroyed all eight of its 12-inch mortars and sent tons of twisted metal flying in all directions. Large pieces of artillery pieces. Here, we see alarege pieces of artillery parts strewn around the area, while in the background, a mortar barrel can be seen lying crushed under the weight of collapsed bunker.

Battery Geary destruction

The other side of Battery Geary also lies in ruins. As we can see, not much remains of the original emplacement.

Battery  Geary Flung Gun

Thrown several meters agawy by the massive explosion that demolished Battary Geary in 1942, this heavy artillery piece still lies on the very spot it originally landed. It has been said that the explosion was so powerful that it was heard as far away as Manila, 50 kilometers away.

Battery Geary sign