Battery Hearn gun

Even after standing more than sevem decades as a war relic, Battery Hearn's giant gun still looks awesome. Here, a curious tourist seems dwarfed as he examines the cannon's external mechanism. Battery Hearn is located Southwest of Battery Way.

Battery Hearn gun rear view

Another view of the Battery Hern's solitary gun taken from a bunker entrance.

Battery Hearn bunker

Hearn's bunker burrows deep into a low hill. On top, trees and thick shrubs grow thick and lush as in days gone by, as if to still protect the facility from aerial observation and bombardment

Battery Hearn spare barre;

A spare gun barrel lies just outside Battery Hearn's main courtyard.  

Update: It is unfortunate that a certain government agency has opted to relocate this spare gun barrel to a walkway along an artificial  beach that has recently been created along Roxas (formerly Dewey) Boulevard in Manila. The purpose? To set up some sort of a prop -- a gun battery with the possible purpose of creating a tourist attraction. The same thing has happened to the spare gun barrel in Crockett.

Battery Hearn sign