Hospital facade

Positioned to be equidistant from most of the major batteries, the Army Hospital sits right smack on the middle of the island's tadpolish "head". Like many hospitals in its time, it was shaped somwhat like a cross to distinguish itself from other buildings and fortifications. It is the least damaged among all the buildings on the island. This is a photo of its North Facade.

Front lawn, Hospital

This view from the front lawn shows the old hospital's western wing. The buidling was built on a large, sloping mound, such that what appears to be the ground level on the extreme left of this picture, would actually be considered as the second floor when taken from the standpoint of somedone standing behind the entire structure.

Rear view of Hospital

This is a rear view of the Army Hospital's west wing. While damage seems to be extensive from the outside, the inner portions have retained most of their pre-war structural integrity.

Hospital outer hallway

Shaded outer walkways gives respite from the hot noonday sun, just as it used to in the days when the hospital was one of the focal points of activity in this island fortress.

Hospital, top floor

A glimpse at the top floor shows some large rooms, one of which can be seen on the right. The hospital's design made good use of natural ventilation that island breezes provided.