Corregidor Lighthouse

Standing on the highest point of Corregidor Island, this replica of the old Spanish Lighthouse affords visitors a panoramic view of the island's periphery.

View from Corregidor Lighthouse

In this photo taken from atop the lighthouse's observation deck, the ruins of Mile-Long Barracks can be seen jutting through the island's foliage, while the Pacific War Memorial's Dome of Peace shows its singular, white prominence over the rest of the landscape. [more below]

Courtyard, Corregidor Lighthouse

Another view from the lighthouse observation deck, this time looking down on the lighthouse's small, red-tiled plaza. The building on the left houses a graphic display of Spanish-era island history. Corregidor is actually part of Cavite, a province of the Philippines that used to be Spain's galleon-building center. Centuries before the Americans came to the Philippines, the Spaniards had already recognized the strategic value of Corregidor and other small islands located at the mouth of Manila Bay.

Gift shop, Corregidor Lighthouse

An example of one of the gift shops that used to be located in one of the two buildingS beside the lighthouse plaza.