Ordnance Repair Shop, Corregiodr Island


Ordnance Building

Still partially dug into the side of a low hump in the terrain, the old Ordnance Repair Shop building's facade still bears the scars of a war that ended more than six decades ago. The inner portion of the building that was protected by a thick layer of soil has collapsed, and can no longer be entered.

Ordnance Repair Shop building, damaged wall

Although it has some major sections which have already collapsed, the northwestern building is in much better condition than its souteastern twin. Needless to say, both have fallen victim to the ravages of war, and like many pre-World War II structures on the island, both continue to the at the mercy of elements and other non-natural factors.

Odrnance Repair Shop, frontal damage

A view of the interior shows scattered chunks of concrete and remnants of rusty iron bars.