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The Corregidor Island Souvenir E-book is a collection of photos that were taken at different times and varying atmospheric or weather conditions. It was first conceived to help visitors with their inability to cover all the sights and locations on the island, given the limited time available during packaged tours.

It also effectively doubles as a souvenir item for those who want to preserve their memories of their trip to this historic and enchanting island. Even those who have yet to set foot on the island and experience its unique ambience will be able to appreciate the way the e-book can simulate a comprensive tour of the "visitable" sights in Corregidor Island.

The photos in general, can give a good idea of how Corregidor Island looks today. However, there are some interesting spots which have since been worn down by the elements since the initial release of this e-book several years ago, and old photos of these have been included for posterity. 

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Production Support:
Manuel Pascasio, Jr.
Alden M. Ducay

Special thanks to:
Benjamin S. Leoncio
Noel Y. Cortes
Javier Y. Cortes
Victor M. Isungga III
Paul C. Neill 
Sun Cruises, Inc.
Corregidor Foundation, Inc.