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The pages in this ebook website use HTML5 code, and some of them use the webp file format, and as such, you will need to have an updated version of your web browser in order to view them properly. Chances are that you are already using a version that is compatible with the code.  However, if you are still using Internet Explorer (by Microsoft Corporation), you will need to install another browser. If you are using a browser (other than Internet Explorer) that has not been updated, you will need to update it.

The web pages that are about to view are optimized for viewing on desktop or laptop computers, but they will work fine with pads or mobile phones, as the format of the web pages will automatically adjust to your gadget's screen size.

However, since the centerpiece of this online ebook is a wide map of Corregidor Island, you will not be able to see it in its entirety if you are using a mobile phone or smaller gadget. This means that you will have to do some scrolling or zooming in order to see the whole map. This is also significant because there are clickable "hot spots" on the map, but since some of them will be too small for your gadget's resolution, you might think that these links are not working.  

Shown below, is an extract from the main island map. There, you will see that the blue circles with the red centers, as well as small grey rectangles and grey circles.  These are clickable items that link to other web pages. If you cannot seem to click on these, simply zoom into the map, until you have achieved maximum magnification. This will then allow the linked shapes to work when you tap them.

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Please take note that the Road Network (denoted by yellow lines) are NOT clickable. However, there are also some gray buttons that are clickabe. This HELP page can also be summoned by clicking on one of the buttons there.