Beach, tip of Corregidor's tail

An easy walk brings you finally to the eastern-most tip of Corregidor Island. The land form in the background is actually a semi-contiguous part of Corregidor, as only a sand bar separates it from the main part of the island. As can be seen in this photo, it is possible to wade across during low tide. The next photo show a side view of that rock formation.

Fock formation, Tail

A full shot of the rock formation that is Corregidor Island's real tail tip. This was taken from a ferry boat that was making its way around the island.

Placeholder Picture

On the return trip, you'll walk back across the narrow beach towards the razorback trail. All things considered, you'll find the trek to Corregidor Island's tail both refreshing and enjoyable and different, as it''s a part of the island that is not commonly visited. As a matter of fact, you won't see too many land-based shots of the island's tail.