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Zone-X CoverHoward the Mutant jumps out from his hiding place in the bushes and looks furtivelyZone-X Map across a heavily-forested trail to check for stray Humans. Hidden in front of him crouch ten members of a Human expeditionary force; all are breathing heavily, their sweaty hands clutching their Di-hydrous Oxide Emitting Biological Weapons.

Seeing that the coast is clear, the Human's team navigator points to a gnarled house-eating tree standing by a narrow road. The humans are quick and alert--it only takes a few seconds for one of them to locate the Waypoint Marker. There, tied to the huge trunk is the ubiquitious green Zone-X waypoint marker waving in the fresh island breeze. High up in the lush foliage, dozens of monkeys eye them curiously. Could these be the Sub-Humans they were warned about? Dozens of questions shoot through their minds: Would the R-Team be able to wrest the objective from the Lair of the Mutants? Or would they be able to live long enough to locate it in the first place?

Adventure Game playersUnknown to them, Howard and his band of Human-eating Mutants watch warily from behind a ditch, waiting for the right time to strike. And, as the Humans reach the kill zone, the Mutants let go a spine-chilling war-whoop and pounce upon them. After a fierce exchange of shots from Di-hydrous Oxide Emitting Weapons, the entire Human Team lies virufied (infected) by the Mutant Virus Strain. With only two fatalities, Howard and his Mutants proceed down the road to intercept more human marauders.

Participants at Middleside BarrracksNo, this isn't an excerpt from a far-out sci-fi thriller. It's a typical scenario from Zone-X, an outdoor Virtual Reality Adventure (VRX) Game being popularized by JNRamos Interactive Enterprises, a Manila-based Special Events outfit.. Zone-X is a refreshingly new activity that puts together the best characteristics of orienteering, hiking, simulated conflict (war games), imaginative scenarios, high adventure, exotic outdoor venues, and the universal appeal of a Treasure Hunt -- then casts these ingredients into a cauldron and brings things up to a full boil. The result is an extremely versatile activity that can be appreciated by participants of practically all ages.

Nuclear Holocaust

Malinta TunnelThe highly imaginative Zone-X adventure takes place in Earhdate 2230. Seven decades prior to that, a nuclear holocaust practically wipes out civilization and technology from the face of the Earth. The last surviving humans are forced to live underground within self-sustaining Biospheres. Now, with food and essential supplies almost exhaused in an environment that has remained hostile to surviving life forms, the race to recover the last remaining Power Rods on earth has begun.

The problem: Savage breeds of mutants and sub-humans roam earth, and continuously battle the remnants of the human race for dominance. The secrets of the past, along with some Power Rods, are locked deep inside the mutant fortress, concealed in hermetically-sealed time capsules.Mutant Players The wily mutants have built a religious cult around the shiny atrifacts, and believe them to be sacred eggs of the gods which will be hatched when Seedee Rhom their deity, returns from the stars.. Catching wind of the human plan to capture the sacred "eggs", the mutants have gone on an extended campaign to exterminate all surviving humans.

When you join a Zone-X adventure, you'll be playing one of these colorful roles. But...who will eventually win? No one can really predict the results a Zone-X Adventure Game. The outcome depends entirely on how a player and his team performs. There are times when the Mutants come out victorious, and there are times when the humans win, but not without a long, hard fight. But this is exactly what makes the game exciting. It is free-flowing and unpredictable.

Clue SearchFor its standard (packaged) Zone-X game. we utilize a special place---Corregidor Island. Better known as "The Rock", Corregidor was the scene of one of the bloodiest sieges of World War II. Recently having been converted into a War Memorial, this fortress island featuresMile Long Facade man-made structures like military bunkers, air shafts, tunnels, and ruins of old buildings and emplacements that blend seamlessly with the natural terrain to give participants an other-worldly setting with an incomparable feeling of high adventure.

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