Why Outdoor Virtual Reality?

Theater of the MindThe thrill of exploration has fascinated man since the dawn of time. The fear of the unknown, coupled with man's innate thirst for knowledge, has never failed to excite, stoke, and inflame man's desire for adventure. So insatiable was this drive that by 1969, man had virtually scoured every island and continent on his own planet, and added the moon to his list of conquests.

Today, the dawning of the Digital Age has opened up new frontiers for exploration, and puts man on the verge of breaking the limits of physical reality. Truly, a new virtual dimension has suddenly opened up, and is likewise ripe for conquest.

The Theatre of the Mind

Today, many of us are familiar with the concept of Cyberspace and its tremendous impact on games, entertainment, and the very concept of leisure. Yes, Cyberspace does exist. But do you think that all the excitement happens inside your computer? Think again. All that excitement really happens within your mind.

Maze-like ruinsPerhaps the simplest and best example of a mental-cum physical challenge is the tremendous attraction that a maze holds for people of practically all ages. Here, the risk of getting hopelessly “lost” in the contraption for hours mixes crazily with the mental challenge of being able to successfully navigate through it. Almost every child has fantasized about traversing a maze at one time or another during his or her early years.

Not surprisingly, this penchant carries well over into adulthood. For more adventurous types, this lust for conquering the unknown becomes satisfied or sublimated by engaging in occupations or hobbies that require travelling or exploring strange new lands. For many, the childhood fantasy remains such, and but the rambunctious spirit of adventure continuously seeks new avenues of escape and expression.

Capitalizing on this kind of impact, JNRamos Interactive Enterprises has intertwined the best of these two worlds and evolved a unique kind of outdoor activity that appeals to man's instincts for exploration and adventure.Battery Crockett This appeal is likewise designed to evoke reactions on a cerebral (virtual) level, and draw on long-forgotten feelings locked in the individual's psyche. As one goes through one of JNR Interactive's adventure events, he immediately feels both the physical challenges as well as the mental and psychic requirements of the game. This is the basic principle behind the Theatre of the Mind concept.

This positive pressure helps take him deep into a role, and thus completes the feeling of being whisked to a different place and time. The effects have been so pronounced that participants in our Role-playing games have been known to let go of some extremely memorable quips like "I almost jumped out of my skin!" or upon going through a time-bending special effect conducted in a tunnel: "For a while, I felt I was back in 1945"

But the most common expression after a Corregidor adventure (particularly during the boat ride back to Manila) is, "Oh, no...back to reality!). And so,. amidst all these factors, the individual is able to get away from it all, albeit for a short while. This respite has great restorative powers, and energizes participants both mentally and physically. In fact, after playing our adventure games, participants from companies conducting long conferences have been known to say, "And I thought it was going to be just another boring seminar!"

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