JNRamos Interactive Enterprises is an offshoot of Earthbound Adventures Asia, an outfit which was conceptualized in early 1992; a time when Outdoor Experiential Training was just catching on in the country. Seeing that there had to be more to outdoor training than doing standard field games and rope-based teambuilding activities, the founding members came up with a bold, new idea: Why not thread these field games and activities together with highly imaginative scenarios? This would give players a chance to virtually live out these activities instead of going through them individually.
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In late 1993, the founders formalized their activities by trying out some "beta" versions of these scenarios. After two extremely successful test-runs with actual clients, they introduced the role-playing concept to further enhance the psychological aspects of the activity. A year later, they went on to add even more game featuresStonehenge at Mile Long. By this time, Earthbound Adventures had already established itself as one of the forerunners in local Outdoor Virtual Reality Adventure Game and Role-playing Quest design.

Unknown to the founders, a new wave of Outdoor Experiential Training that ran parallel to what they had independently initiated here in the Philippines had likewise started and taken root in the United States and other western countries. These international developments confirm the timeliness of Earthbound's entry into Virtual Reality Experiential (VRX) training. VRX is the word for this new type of training medium.

Today, more and more companies and organizations are trying Mimosa event processingout this exciting new medium for managerial and teambuilding training. In line with this established tradition, JNRamos Interactive continues to develop and enhance its existing Adventure products base as it seeks to improve service capabilities and applications through regular experimentation and actual field testing. Because of this, the company is able to come up with better and more exciting applications. Never one to lose out on innovation, JNRamos Interactive is also actively involved in the creation of even newer and more challenging scenarios.

The company also seeks to promote Eco-Tourism and Environmental Awareness through the promotion of Customized Outdoor Field Events and Adventure Education
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