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Do you wish to enhance your Organizational Development and corporate training programs and make them more effective . . . interesting . . . exciting . . . with lasting effects? JNRamos Interactive Enterprises works together with Human Resource and Organizational Development professionals and possiblMimosa eventy with your own HR executive to design innovativeOozro with Zone-X participants outdoor applications to traditional training programs. These include a retinue of creative teambuilding and personal challenge activities, problem-solving scenarios and our unique Role-playing Quests and Rites of Passage, all set in an outdoor adventure context. We’ve worked with some of the best resource persons and technical experts in the world in developing our own brand of outdoor virtual reality — like Hawaii-based social architect Jim Channon and his Arcturus Organization, rated by Forbes Magazine as the world’s foremost visioning expert, futurist and corporate shaman. If you’re considering re-engineering your organization and corporate culture, or simply motivating and molding your workforce into a cohesive performance team, try us!


Pinatubo climbThere’s no doubting the power of travel to motivate man to do great things. Whether to push corporate executives to go the extra mile or induce consumers to switch brands, travel has proven itself as an extremely potent incentive through time. So when you plan your next incentive travel program, consider a new twist — the element of a JNRamos Interactive “adventure” — and give your travelers the experience of a lifetime.

Unlike traditional tour programs, we inject our unique, custom-designed activities and itineraries including our patented role-playing games that baffle tour operators themselves.Thailand elephant ride Like going on an elephant-borne mountain trek to the Burmese border in Northern Thailand in search of “10 Fabled Treasures.”, or interacting with people from exotic cultures, up in the volcanic wastelands of Mt. Pinatubo, the scene of the 20th Century's most powerful volcanic eruption, or tiger-watching and unearthing the “ghosts” of Britian’s colonial past deep in the Malaysian jung

Using imaginative processes, we can make your options and possibilities virtually limitless.
But wait! There's more. We can also design a treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, adventure race, or original outdoor challenge event for you.



Corregidor Adventurers“Anaconda’s Nest”...“The Web of Arachnid,” ....“Crocodile Gorge,” . . . . “Above and Beyond,” .... these are not movie titles but they can very well be some of many extremely exciting sub-plots to your own blockbuster of a corporate event. Especially if you find yourself running out of regular options for your next convention, conference, product launch, sales rally or goodwill program for institutional clients. As we would say, “Take them OUT(doors). . . and make a lasting impression.” We can help you design, plan and execute your corporate events, indoors or outdoors, from simple Singing at Cine corregidorones to grand spectaculars, yet each one bearing our of “impact creations of legendary proportions.” So you’ll have your people and clients patting your back and talking about your event for a long, long time. This we can guarantee.


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